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Driven by a passion and desire to build the best solution for their customers, Boxchain is a pioneering set of modular applications breaking new ground and targeting the future of Blockchain integrated solutions.

Having seen the reality of systems implementation and the disparity between the needs of customers and the architecture of market solutions, Boxchain takes a future ready view to support your processes today and allow flexible adjustment to the future.

Technologically advanced, the Boxchain platform takes an object orientated approach and leverages event management synonymous with Blockchain technology. It encompasses autonomous agents and big data analytics, scales to support any requirement, and enables autonomous decision making in real-time.

Boxchain tracks and persists the events relevant to your processes and workflow, providing a real-time feed and notifications in a single system to enable true visualisation and control.
Whilst focusing on supply chain logistics, Boxchain is extensible to application across any process driven landscape in any facet of business life, bringing with it innovation, security, and transformational capacity.

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