Our relationship: 
IntegrationWorks work closely with the Reekoh’s IoT integration platform and product suite to address the complexities of delivering high-end enterprise customer solutions around the Internet of Things.

Our customers rely on Reekoh technology to build interopability between IoT devices and enterprise platforms, business systems. Reekoh technology allows customers to reduce complexity and increase delivery speed with IoT solutions, future proofing their business plans.

Our team will engage with Reekoh technology for:

  • IoT Integration Platform as a Service
  • Secure and scalable toolset for device and data management
  • Multi-tenanted platform, On-Prem and Cloud
  • Open framework for integration plugin development, configure not code.
  • Create pipelines that control how data flows from IoT devices, through data-enriching services, and on to connections with databases, messaging tools, applications and other IoT Platforms.
  • Caters for all aspects in IoT value chain: device/chip, protocol, network, security, service and application

To learn more about our partnership and work with Reekoh, please contact our team today on +64 4 499 0930 or email

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