Living in the world of Cloud

When a SaaS tool gets updated, users can quickly adapt to any new handy features rolled out in the latest version.

However, integration is different. If functionality changes, either through the runtime, the integration service, the API or the endpoint, there is a high chance of an outage or system failure.

Living in the world of cloud means:

  • Frequent access to innovation - Cloud vendors release new functionality quicker and more frequently than other old on-premise tools.
  • Loss of control - Cloud vendors pushing changes every week/month means that users cannot say no to updates like on-premise platforms, where users are in control of versions and upgrade timing if and when they choose to update their platform.
  • Environment changes - Endpoints/APIs are constantly changing in the world of multi-cloud, whereas old on-premise environments were more static.


Enter Boomi

Boomi allows customers to get the best of both worlds, automatically releasing new upgrades and features every month on its iPaaS. If a user installs any Boomi Atom runtime on their own infrastructure or IaaS, any new upgrade will be applied to their runtimes, enabling huge savings on patching, unlike other traditional integration software's.

However, what happens when these new runtimes and features are added in Boomi? Isn’t there a risk that integration processes will break? Organisations often employ teams of technologists to manage manual updates not only to keep up with latest versions of software, but also to ensure that no disruptions occur during this process. So won't the cost of regression testing be sky high? Boomi have an answer… Boomi Assure.

Boomi Assure gives its users the option to offload regression testing onto the vendor themselves to minimise potential issues and outages, thus ensuring stability of production systems when the platform upgrades itself. To be clear - Boomi runs your regression tests, independently and at no cost to its users!


How Boomi Assure is de-risking automatic updates

Boomi Assure is Dell Boomi’s way of ensuring data and integration processes are safe from future Boomi releases, done by performing regression tests on submitted data against a new upcoming Boomi release.

Users can submit sample/test data in a package to Boomi after the process is run in test mode. This package will include:

  • Inputs from the test
  • Outputs from the test
  • The process itself
  • Any other dependant component

Each submitted Boomi Assure package is then tested against all future releases of AtomSphere as part of regression testing to improve the quality of Boomi's releases. With over 636,772,825 integration processes being run on Boomi, it is critical that new updates are rolled out risk free without the potential to cause these processes to fail. This is why Boomi will not release its global update if the update fails to pass all of its customers Boomi Assure tests.


Boomi’s automatic release cycle provides fast access to innovative new features along with huge savings on traditional patching costs, giving their users peace of mind in knowing that their systems are safe, without compromising client information from potential disruption when a new Boomi release is rolled out to the public.


How can IntegrationWorks help your organisation adopt Boomi Assure?

At IntegrationWorks, we're leaders in Boomi expertise, making us specialists in complex integration development and deployments, resulting in a smooth and seamless integration that creates simplicity, connectivity and capability. To learn more about how Boomi and its revolutionary approach to integration, send us an email or connect with our CTO Ian Vanstone on LinkedIn.


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Written by Pooja Kokatnur